5 Ways that Automation Powers Better CX

May 10, 2021

For businesses, customer experience isn’t just important; it’s the cornerstone on which competitive advantage is built. In a recent study, 59% of post-Covid consumers care MORE about customer experience when they decide which company to buy from than they did before. In other words, customer...

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3 Ways to Go Below the Surface with BI and Analytics

March 2, 2021

Related Article: Is Big Data Dead? Not If You’re in Customer Support When it comes to analytics, things can get complicated quickly. In a world of big data and machine learning, most businesses have more data than they know what to do with. Some analytics software packages are so advanced it takes...

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5 Powerful Ways to Improve Customer Service with Business Insights

October 9, 2020

We live in a data-driven age where brands want insights, especially customer-related ones. However, many companies hit roadblocks on how to collect intelligence and leverage it to improve the customer experience. Gathering data and mining it into actionable business insights can be timely and...

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5 Ways To Deliver Premium Customer Service to Your VIP Players

September 22, 2020

On average, 95% of gamers are non-paying. Of the 5% who do pay, the top 1% are serious players who drive 80% of revenue. This economic reality means it’s crucial to create a vibrant, engaging gaming ecosystem with excellent player support for your VIPs and Whales.

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How to Effectively Prepare Customer Service Operations for Peak Season

September 4, 2020

Seasonality can drive monumental amounts of revenue: Back to school & Black Friday for retailers, Super Bowl for consumer electronics, and tax season for accountants. 

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Five Reasons Why Outsourcing Support Can Be a Competitive Strength

June 24, 2020

Almost every business understands the value of delivering top-notch customer care in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Customers immediately recognize poor support—and that can lead to lower CSAT scores, negative online reviews, loss of revenue, and erosion of your brand. More importantly,...

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5 Ways to Massively Improve Your Mobile Game App Store Rating

June 12, 2020

We all know that an App Store rating can make or break your game. Publishers think they can’t impact or change scores – but that’s not true.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid with a Low-Cost Outsourced Provider

June 3, 2020

Every business wants to secure a low price when it comes to securing services and goods.  However, a low price is sometimes too good to be true – especially when you’re negotiating deals for complex products like business process outsourcing (BPO) services. 

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Outsourcing for Smaller Companies: Updating Common Misconceptions

May 14, 2020

Organizations turn to outsourcing for a huge variety of tasks—the global market for outsourced services is approximately $85.6 billion across all industries. But some companies, primarily smaller ones, are reluctant to embrace the advantages of contracting with outside professionals, especially for...

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5 Reasons Why Work-From-Home Customer Support is a Game Changer

April 14, 2020

You can have a successful work-from-home (WFH) model for Customer Support – if it’s executed well. As companies consider moving their teams virtual during (and post) COVID-19, they’re trying to understand the advantages around relocating remotely. There are many benefits as long as your internal...

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